Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming is a very important part of developing and maintaining strong and attractive trees. Trees that are trimmed on a regular schedule will require less corrective trimming as they mature.
Proper technique is required when trimming trees because each and every cut carries the potential to alter the growth of the tree. In fact, improper techniques can injure your tree in ways that can actually last the entire life of the tree.

Tree Removal
Whether you have trees, tree stumps or other plants in your way, J&J Tree Works can handle any safe removal situation. We grind tree stumps below the surface so that you can plant, cover and revitalize a plot of land as if there was never anything there to begin with.
With over 25 years of safe removal experience, we are experienced and well equipped to complete any stump or tree removal. Our goal is to provide you with personable and professional tree service so that your experience with us is thorough and satisfying.

Stump Grinding
We do not rent our stump grinders. We own them so we can be very price competitive.
Often times homeowners and commercial property owners who perform their own tree trimming service are sometimes left with unsightly tree stumps that can ruin your landscaping and in some cases can even be a hazard. Stump grinding is the fastest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps.
J&J Tree Works can remove any size tree stump with our professional stump grinding machines. You no longer have to suffer while tree stumps or surface roots impede your sidewalks, driveways and landscaping.
The sign of a job well done is leaving no sign that a stump ever existed at all

Chipping branches is a common way to remove tree limbs and branches after they have been cut down. Once a tree branch has been cut down, it is then put into a wood-chipping machine, which grinds the wood into chips.
Tree chipping is also an essential part of having trees cut down and removed. Cutting down a tree always involves getting rid of the material. Once the wood has been chipped it can be hauled away, used as bark or even spread back over the land to fertilize soil. This makes tree chipping an environmentally friendly approach to removing and recycling tree waste.
If you are one of those individuals who prefer to clear your land or do your own trimming work yourself, no problem. We also offer a stand-alone tree chipping service.

Crane Work
At J&J Tree Works we own and operate our own crane, our cane is operated by a certified and experienced crane operator on staff at all times.
When a tree is dead or becomes hazardous, a crane is the safest way to remove it. Crane work is also necessary to complete tree service when homes, office buildings and other structures are at risk of being damaged.

Tree advice
At J&J Tree Works we are equipped to evaluate and advise our customers on how best to manage their trees. Not every tree needs to be removed. At J&J we will work with our customers to properly advise them on the proper cause of action.

Clean up
J&J Tree Works provides full service seasonal clean ups.

Lot Cleaning
J&J Tree Works has a full crew and equipment capable of small to large lot clearing with full removal of all trees and logs.